Meine Buchnotizen – Unshakeable von Tony Robbins

Unshakeable von Tony Robbins

Das Buch Unshakeable liest sich wie eine Zusammenfassung von Tony Robbin’s anderem Buch „Money„. „Nur“ 230 statt 660 Seiten. Wenn Sie „Money“ gelesen haben, werden Sie nicht viel Neues finden.

Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom PlaybookGelesen im Mai 2017. Auf der Amazon Seite finden Sie mehr Details und Rezensionen. Wenn Sie es nicht so mit dem Lesen haben, empfehle ich Ihnen Audible auszuprobieren. Audible ist im ersten Monat kostenlos und Sie können dort fast alle Bücher auch als Hörbuch hören. Ich will Audible nicht mehr missen.

From 1996 through 2015, the S&P 500 returned an average of 8.2% a year. But if you missed out on the top 10 trading days during those 20 years, your returns dwindled to just 4.5% a year. Your returns would have been cut almost in half just by missing the 10 best trading days in 20 years!

Market timing research – five hypothetical investors invest 2.000 USD once a year for 20 years:

Perfect Timing – 87.004 USD
Invest Immediately – 81.650 USD
Dollar Cost Averaging – 79.510 USD
Bad Timing – 72.487 USD
Stay in Cash – 51.291 USD

Even after 20-year run of spectacularly bad luck, Mr. Hapless still made a substantial profit. If you stay in the market long enough, compounding works its magic. Even if your timing was hopelessly unlucky.

The worst-perfroming investor wasn’t the unlucky one, but the one who stayed in cash.

The Rule of Seven. Ideally, we like our clients to have seven years of income set aside in income-producing investments such as bonds and MLPs. If stocks crash, we can tap these income-producing assets to meet our clients’ short-term needs. But what if you can’t afford to set aside years of income? Simply start with an achievable goal and keep raising the bar as you progress. For example, you might start with a goal of saving three or six months of income, and then work your way — over many years — toward the ultimate goal of setting aside seven years of income.

If stocks crash, we can sell some of those income-producing investments (ideally bonds, since they are liquid) and use the proceeds to invest in the stock market at low prices. This puts us in a strong position where we can view the bear as a friend rather than a fearsome enemy.

Six Money Mistakes
1. Seeking confirmation of your beliefs.
The best investors welcome opinions that contradict their own.
Solution: ask better questions and find qualified people who disagree with you.

  1. Mistaking recent events for ongoing trends.
    Most investors buy the wrong thing at exactly the wrong moment.
    Solution: don’t sell out. Rebalance. Rebalancing forces you to buy low and sell high.

  2. Overconfidence.
    Overestimating our abilities and our knowledge is a recipe for disaster.
    Solution: get real, get honest.

  3. Greed, gambling and the quest for Home Runs.
    It’s tempting to swing for the fences, but victory goes to the steady survivors.
    Solution: it’s a marthon, not a sprint.

  4. Staying home.
    It’s a big world out there, so how come most investors stay so close to home?
    Solution: expand your horizons.

  5. Negativity and loss aversion.
    Your brain wants you to be fearful in times of turmoil – don’t listen to it!
    Solution: preparaton is key.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin.

Kostenlose Buchzusammenfassungen
Ich hoffe, dass Dir meine Notizen geholfen haben. Weitere Zusammenfassungen findest du auf GetAbstract. GetAbstract bietet Buchzusammenfassungen an, auch als Hörbuch. So kannst du während eines einstündigen Workouts 6 Bücher hören! Nach 10 Minuten weißt du, ob sich das Buch für dich lohnt. Dabei geht es aber nicht nur um Geld, sondern auch um Deine Lebenszeit! Probiere es jetzt kostenlos aus. Und wenn du das gesamte Buch als Hörbuch haben möchtest, dann hol dir jetzt gleich dein kostenloses Hörbuch bei Audible. Dort kannst du dir fast jedes Hörbuch im kostenlosen Probeabo herunterladen.

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